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The Georgian educational centre Lampari was founded in 2009. Its aim was to ensure that Georgian children would not forget their native language, would know the history of their country,  as well as its culture and traditions.  Experienced teachers in the school teach a range of subjects including Geoargian language, Georgian history, history of religioas well as nature studies.

There are 30 pupils in the school, aged from 4 years upwards. Many  different events are organised and special lessons are given by invited guests from several different professions.

The Educational  centre ‘’Lampari’’ has been in contact with  the Ministry of Diaspora for several years. As a result of their valued assistance the school is has been provided with a school program as well as course books.

The school functions in the Georgian centre itself, in individual classrooms specially assigned to the school that are equipped with all the teaching aides needed.

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