discover_button_vertical_500pxOkay, we should be seeing a pattern by now…

Pages are about supplying information and staying in communication.

Information is supplied to those who are both new to your site and/or community and to those who are already familiar.

Communication is about keeping everyone informed as to what is going on, and as such, it is hugely important that these pages are updated regularly.

So, again, like the Georgian Language School page, this Orthodox Religion School page should contain the following:

  • All Orthodox Religion School information should be presented here, it should contain details of classes, class times and teachers.
  • Additionally, give a general description of Orthodox Religion (much like the Our Faith page), it’s cultural significance and importance to the Georgian Community.
  • Try and add as much information as possible, do not assume your audience is familiar with any aspect of your  Religion.
  • Additionally, Orthodox Religion School Events should be highlighted on this page.
  • Also, it would be an idea to keep a track of weekly/monthly lessons here.

There could also be links to many other websites elsewhere on line (again, much like the Our Faith page).

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